The Witch City Tour:

Salem & Boston

October 11-16th, 2021

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The Ultimate Halloween Trip

We will visit many of the historical sites in Salem and Boston just 2 week prior to Halloween.  Its a great time of year to visit these amazing destinations.

Trip Highlights Include

Ghosts & Gravestones Trolley

“Hear all about Boston’s darker side! In a city nearly four hundred years old – troubled with war, murderers, strife and the occasional bout of stray molasses, it is hardly any wonder that Boston remains one of the most haunted cities in America and stories of the glory days of Colonial Bosston only scratch the surface of Boston’s darker side. Walk amongst the dead in burying grounds nearly four hundred years old, hear stories of those whose mortal remains lie beneath your feet, and listen to tales of many of the sordid practices that went along with them. Venture to the site of the biggest grave-robbing scandal in New England’s history…ask yourselves-are you afraid to be buried alive? Walk atop Boston’s largest unmarked burying ground and hear tales of the tortures, punishments and executions that took place there…See Boston’s most haunted hotel: the Omni Parker House.”

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Salem Witch Museum

You are there. Witness the testimony of the hysterical girls, the suffering of the blameless victims, and the decisions of the fanatical judges who sent innocent people to their deaths. When the witch hunt began no one was safe from being accused. This presentation is based on actual trial documents. With 13 stage sets, you’ll enter the web of lies and intrigue of the Salem Witch Hunt, one of the most enduring true stories in American History.

Stay at Encore Boston

Stay at this 5 start resort casino for our 3 days in Boston.  $70 in free play and some meals included.

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